A little introduction…

Having had the opportunity to travel the world, upon my return I made it my business to experience as much of my home country as possible.

Working as a Private Chef has enabled this adventure and in turn, has fed my enthusiasm for what I believe is the very best that our island has to offer – our Food & Great Outdoors.

Although a small island meeting the great Wild Atlantic Ocean, our varying landscape is home to some of the most breath-taking scenery you will experience in the world.

Our Food produced throughout this rich, rugged island results in the best flavour and quality you can taste. Right from the very beginning, our food is given a head start when you take a look around and see where it came from.

Working with these delicious ingredients allows me to prepare and present dishes that reflect our surroundings and regardless of remote locations, my clients enjoy tasty, homemade food in the comfort of their own homes!

This is my attempt to present a little of what I love about my home. I hope it gives you some inspiration to get out and explore this special country.


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