Cupidstown Hill

On my way to Dublin last week, what seems to be never-ending roadworks around Naas got the better of me! My body was cramping up from sitting so long and letting the windows down to let in the cold afternoon air didn’t relive the cooped up feeling that had come over me. Even Ivan Yates’ and his opinions couldn’t catch my attention; I just needed a bitta fresh air! I swung off the N7 at Junction (more…)

A Day Out at the Irish National Stud

Irish National Stud, sculpture of Colonel Hall-Walker. Picture: Caroline Norris After a recent visit, I reckon that a tour of the Irish National Stud is now possibly one of my favourite days out! A trip here will remind you of the innate connection that we, the Irish people have with the horse and all the excitement and passion that go along with this beautiful animal – the various industries, entertainment, international relationships with other appreciative (more…)