Savour Kilkenny 2017

Kilkenny Castle in autumn I’ve begun to wonder if the organisers of Savour Kilkenny have a direct line to whoever is in charge of our weather, as I have come to associate perfectly crisp cool days & blue skies with this autumnal foodie feast! Though food may be the star of the show here, the location right in the the heart of Kilkenny city, with the castle and it’s park & gardens as the back (more…)

Butler’s Family Farm, Co. Kilkenny

At the West Waterford Festival of Food last year, I met a lady selling free-range pork and chicken from Kilkenny. She left an impression on me to learn more about our local “food heroes” and to create this series. It must have been a combination of her willingness to explain the story of her product, her gentle nature, and knowing the hard work and obstacles she faces as a small producer that intrigued me and (more…)

Roast Chicken with Wild Garlic & Pearl Barley

Remember years ago the distinctive smell of roast chicken weaving from the kitchen on a Sunday? And how that lingered through to Monday when you brought roast chicken sandwiches to school made with the brown & greasy scraps of leftover meat? About 30 minutes from my home, Ring’s Free-Range Poultry farmers in Castlecomer, Co. Kilkenny are helping us bring back that unmistakeable rich, delicious aroma with their free-range chickens now available in selected butchers and (more…)