Featured image Cupidstown Hill Kilteel co Kildare Highest point County top Ireland Ireland's ancient east

Cupidstown Hill

Cupidstown Hill Kilteel Co. Kildare County top Highest point Ireland Ireland's Ancient east

On my way to Dublin last week, what seems to be never-ending roadworks around Naas got the better of me!

My body was cramping up from sitting so long and letting the windows down to let in the cold afternoon air didn’t relive the cooped up feeling that had come over me. Even Ivan Yates’ and his opinions couldn’t catch my attention; I just needed a bitta fresh air!

I swung off the N7 at Junction 6, I think it is for Castlewarden/Kilteel and followed the road signs to Kilteel. Less than 10 minutes from coming off the main road to Dublin, I parked up and stood for minutes listening to the silence and feeling the moist hazy evening air on my face.

I imagine this is a busy spot at weekends, but if you are like me and visit mid-week; be careful! From when you leave the dual carriageway, the roads become very narrow with no hard shoulder so go easy. There was plenty of traffic travelling at speed and you’ll find yourself slowing to a halt to let some of the speedy Gonzales past!

When you reach Kilteel village, pass the church on your left-hand side and take the next turn right. You will come to a fork in the road; follow the road to the left. This leads up to Cupidstown Hill. When you get to the brow of the hill, pull over and park safely. Walk down the hill just about 50 metres and there will be an entrance to the forestry on the left – a yellow and black painted bar. Continue walking straight for another few metres and you will cross over into Wicklow.

Walk up through this forestry track and after about 5 minutes you should see the mast to the left. Walk around this and climb through the fence – it was a little mucky when I was there, so pick your steps. You should see the Trig pillar marking the highest point in Co. Kildare, at 379metres.

This was the tonic I needed; the forestry sheltered me from the breeze coming from the Wicklow side. The flat rocks around the trig pillar gave me a dry but cold seat to sit down on and take in the view across to the Hill of Allen. Even though I was still so close to the motorway, all I could hear was the stillness and quiet of the hazy winter sunset.

This walk is very easy, just be careful getting over the fence. There are also sign’s for CCTV in the area which is reassuring for walkers, car safety & fly-tipping.

With light giving way to dark, I walked at pace back to my car and re-joined the busy commuter traffic. Only this time, I hardly noticed the red lights and lanes of traffic ‘cos I was too busy buzzing from sneaking a little adventure into my Monday!

P.s. As I rejoined the motorway at Rathcoole shortly afterwards, the bright lights of Avoca called to me and I began hatching plans to enjoy this excursion in the summer months with brighter evenings.

cupidstown Hill Kildare County top Highest point Ireland Ireland's Ancient East