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Mahon Falls


The path to Mahon Falls Waterford Ireland's ancient east

The path to Mahon Falls

When driving along the N25 Waterford-Cork road, it is easy to be distracted by the views of the lush green fields and the Copper Coast to the south, but if you are to look inland you will be treated to awesome sights of the Comeraghs and soon after (or before), the Knockmealdown mountains.

Between Dungarven and Kilmacthomas you will see signs for Mahon Falls. If you have time to spare, it would be worth your while indicating and turning off the main road for a while to visit this area of scenery.

About 11 kilometres off the main road, these falls are well signposted once you are off the main road will take you along country roads, and as you climb closer to the mountains. As part of the journey to get here, you will be passing cottages, farm yards, community halls and if you pause to look back, you will be treated to panoramic views of Bunmahon, Dungarven Bay and across to Helvick Head.

Once you reach the cattle grid, continue driving until you come to the car park and you see the path to the falls. Locals firmly believe in the healing properties of the area and many people find respite in the quiet and tranquility of the valley; here you see no other buildings, electricity or telephone poles, just clean fresh air and the sound of the water flowing (in good weather), running (more normal conditions) and pounding (think jacket and hat weather!).

The path to the falls will take about 20 minutes each way and is reasonably accessible for all – ideal for children. Do take caution with the weather as I have visited on days with very changeable conditions from when we arrive at the carpark until we return back!

Mahon Falls Ireland's ancient east

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